American Institute of Sciences (AIS) supports academics and researchers by providing them with a platform where they can present their research, seek knowledge, and find networking opportunities. The approach of AIS toward science is underpinned by three overarching principles or ideas. First of all, the AIS adopts a critical and interpretive approach toward knowledge production and assessment. Rather than taking things as they are, it seeks to understand how they have come to be perceived as such. Therefore it prioritizes inquisitive scientific research over purely descriptive and prescriptive scientific research. Secondly, the AIS’ approach is integrative, holistic, multi-disciplinary and multi-methods. In other words, it shares the foundational belief that developments in the study of a phenomenon in one discipline whether it is natural, formal, social or applied science can make immense contributions to the study of the same phenomenon in other disciplines. By bringing together scholars, intellectuals or researchers from various disciplines who have an interest in the same subject matter, the AIS objects to create a platform or environment that stimulates fruitful interdisciplinary interactions. Thirdly, the AIS is motivated by a strong desire for innovation; innovation in thinking, innovation in methods and methodologies applied in the study of the same phenomena across different natural, formal, social and applied sciences. In that regard, the AIS conferences and journals’ are expected to serve and contribute to this innovative scientific agenda around the world.


Connecting Scholars, Advancing Scholarship


AIS seeks to contribute to empowering the global community of scholars to facilitate scientific progress in various fields of research.


AIS has two main activities – organizing international conferences and publishing open-access journals.


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